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Welcome to the RARWRITER website: For the last couple decades, www.RARWRITER.com has been a source for information on the arts and entertainment world, with detailed profiles of the artists who work in the entertainment meccas across America and around the globe. That type of content remains available at the Creative Culture Journal website. There you can also find all back editions of the previous RARWRITER site. RARWRITER.com is now focused exclusively as an outlet for RARWRITER Publishing Group head Rick Alan Rice.   


(Howard and His Alien Friend)

FIREFLIES (Howard and His Alien Friend) is on Amazon, if you are looking for a screenplay to read or (better yet) produce. This is a sweet little offering about an 83-year old widower, looking back over his life and pondering the end, and a little influencer who shows up to help him see the bigger picture.   

What's happening in the RARWRITER Universe

New original music is always being added to the Original Music by RAR page.

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In the Works
ATWOOD: The Marion Hotel (Book Two): The second of the ATWOOD trilogy is anticipated in 2023. "The Marion Hotel" further traces the development of a special village on the Kansas plains. Pandora: The sequel to The Goat Farm is in the works, delivery date uncertain. The story traces the further influence of otherworldly forces on the world, and most especially on the Sierra range community of Grass Valley, California. Untitled: A sequel to The Friendly is in the works. The book further expands the story of Steinfeller, the mysterious Rosecrucian, and his role in the mechanical universe.

Number Nine

Here is a little offering, appropos of nothing, that won't mean a thing to most people, but will resonate with a knowing few.

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Rick Alan Rice is the author of numerous novels, including the historical epic ATWOOD trilogy, Cooksin - Crime and Redemption in the New West, the supernatural drama The Friendly, and esoteric satire The Goat Farm.

Long known as "RAR", Rick has been the publisher of numerous websites, all aspects of his RARWRITER Publishing Group. The RARWRITER.com site has been a website providing information on the arts and entertainment worlds, as well as serving as an outlet for Rick's creative output, literary, musical, and otherwise. The archives of the old RARWRITER.com site can be found at the site now known as the Creative Culture Journal.  

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