This page includes covers of popular songs, not for sale but for listening pleasure (or curiosity). These are provided as "Private" tracks through Soundcloud and are not for sale or distribution.

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Production Projects

Occasionally a friend of mine will send me a recording of a song that she has covered, sometimes with a friend. These come in as a digital file, often with a piano and vocal or two. I import these into my digital environment and do various arrangements. I will typically add bass, guitar, strings and such, and produce it all in some way. Here are a few done with E. Rigby and Julie Trujillo.



E. Rigby composed the music for these lyrics by Alice Through the Looking Glass author Lewis Carroll.

Rick Alan Rice · Alice

I'm Gonna Walk It With You

This is E. Rigby and Julie Trujillo doing a song by Brian Claflin and Ellie Grace.
Rick Alan Rice · I'm Gonna Walk It With You

The Man in the Long Black Coat

This is E. Rigby covering a Bob Dylan tune.
Rick Alan Rice · Man In The Long Black Coat

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