This page is updated from time-to-time as new screenplays are developed. It provides an overview of projects currently in flight. Contact me at for additional information.

"The Oracle"

 When White House Aid Riley Donaldson suffers a seizure on the streets of Washington D.C., he becomes the center of a hurricane of intrigue and criminal conspiracy. Under the influence of an experimental drug, the previously hapless seizure victim becomes exactly what the President of the United States needs - an oracle.

"Howard and His Alien Friend"

Howard Ryan is 83 years old and often his neighbors hear him in his backyard talking with someone. Howard's wife has been dead for years, and his two sons worry over him constantly. He has been oddly distant of late, and yet he seems happy. He looks well and somehow his backyard is blossoming in ways it has never blossomed before. For a guy headed into the sunset of his life, he seems to have developed an odd calm, as if late in life he has found a helping hand. 


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