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Corey Landis at the Viper Room October 11.

Reviews: Documentaries Presently on Cable

Television has become unbelievably awful, but the broad world of cable and satellite TV has done great things for documentary filmmakers. We look at a bunch of what is available in terms of films about creative types. Our favorite may be the one on 1970s hit-maker Paul Williams, now the head of ASCAP. Williams is a lovable guy. The guy who shot the film about him seems to be either an Aspergers sufferer, or an idiot savant. Or maybe he's a comic genius. Whatever he is, his result is great. See our special on documentaries on the Cinema page.

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Re-Thinking Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

This edition we spend a little time re-considering Thompson's actual contributions to our modern understanding of things, and we do it through the lens of his San Francisco experience. If you live in San Francisco, everything that happens at any time anywhere is somehow a part of the San Francisco experience. It's weird, like the late Doctor.

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