"Dancing In the Streets" (Written by William "Mickey" Stevenson and Marvin Gaye, Recorded First by Martha and the Vandellas) - Use this link to hear cover version by RAR

Volume 4-2011



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Top 15 MP3 recordings requested by RARWRITER visitors between June 17-July 16, 2011:

1. The Essential Me - RAR

2. Exodus Honey - Honeycut

3. Satisfied - Rebecca Folsom

4. Quiet Inside (acoustic) - The Jane Doe's

5. Suffocated - Sabrina Korva

6. Lies - The Black Keys

7. One-Two-Three - The Indulgers

8. Its Me - Eddie Turner

9. Come A Little Bit Closer - RAR

10. On A Bus To St Cloud - Gretchen Peters

11. Why (Acoustic Demo) - Sabrina Korva

12. I Will Love You - Rebecca Folsom

13. Unglued - Barbee Killed Ken

14. Soul Shaker - Tommy Castro

15. Easier Said Than Done - Steve Conn





Performing Rights Organizations: PRO’s - LEGAL WOLVES in the FLOCK of SMALL MUSIC


Alice Hill is a short story writer, restaurant and venue operator, mother and Kansas farm wife.

Al Petteway and Amy White brought their magic to our little farming town. They are good at magic.
In 2005 they graciously traveled from North Carolina to Atwood, KS to support the 1907 Shirley Opera House Project (restoration/rehabilitation) with a fundraising concert. Their music mesmerized the audience and began a new life for the old building.

The Shirley Opera House holds that indefinable energy that flows from musician to listener and back. Built from locally kilned bricks in 1907 it was recognized for its authentic character by the Kansas and National Registers of Historic Places as it turned 100 years old. As a member of the Boulder Acoustic Society exclaimed “there’s music in the walls”.

Since that first event, many others have followed. I call it our Monthly Music Fix and encourage people to view a night at the Opera as better than drugs. Anti-depressants, that is. Now, six years later I am depressed, angry, frustrated and outraged. .





APEYGA Takes Jazz Fusion to a Deep, Disorienting Pleasure


RAR - Publisher of RARWRITER.com and The Revolution Culture Journal

APEYGA, the three-piece heavy-jazzadelic unit out of Culver City, Southern California, who recently released Ring, their third LP, is an indie film producer’s mother lode of disturbing, disorienting, sonic assault; just the kind needed for that FEAR.NET gore fest my wife keeps on all night long, so that now I can’t sleep unless I hear women screaming in the background.




Douglas Strobel Reviews PopZinkle, the Latest from Pop-Folky David Zink 


Douglas Strobel is a lifelong musician and instructor and a regular contributor to RARWRITER.com

I envy you the opportunity to discover this music!  PopZinkle is a remarkable song cycle written in response to the tragic events of 9/11!





Al Jardine takes a nice ride back to the pretension-free era of '60s rock


RAR - Publisher of RARWRITER.com and The Revolution Culture Journal

“San Francisco was our first stop along the way, where Dad started up a blueprint company. They sent him to Los Angeles to do it all over again and that’s where my musical odessey (sic) begins.”
So reads the liner notes on A Postcard from California, Al Jardine’s sentimental labor of love chronicling his boyhood journey to California and his serendipitous meeting, at El Camino College, with a kid named Brian Wilson.




Aussie Steve Lee offers a paean to the equalizer with I Like Guns


RAR - Publisher of RARWRITER.com and The Revolution Culture Journal

Whatever it is about guns, and songs about guns, that has always resonated in the soul of man – it was a staple on AM radio in songs from Johnny Horton, Marty Robbins, and others when I was growing up in Middle America – it has clearly put its stamp on Australian singer-songwriter Steve Lee. 




Jinx Jones Has A New CD that Finds Rockabilly to Be Alive and Kicking


RAR - Publisher of RARWRITER.com and The Revolution Culture Journal

He (Jones) is spectacular, not only in his considerable pyrotechnical flash, but in the soul and depth of his musical choices. He is a studied composer, a player who truly owns his instrument. He is also a clever lyricist and an accomplished singer. There he is a role player, performing the lyrics almost in character, and this is a character we all recognize as Mr. America, our Everyman. He works with his hands and strength of his back, and he leads with his heart...



Steven L Smith rocks Memphis-country with Outside of Tupelo


RAR - Publisher of RARWRITER.com and The Revolution Culture Journal

Steven L Smith seems to get that sometimes guys go into those bars where mostly naked women swing around on poles and, after a few drinks, they fall in love with them. This seems counter to the instincts that draw men to these clubs in the first place, but then men are weak and drink is strong, and the instinct to care for vulnerable souls is even stronger, one’s own and those of others. “I fell in love with a woman on a pole,” sings Smith in the opening track of Outside of Tupelo, his 2010 release on his Vinyl Record Company label. It is the kickoff to an album’s worth of top-flight country with white whiskers and a sure step.



Phillip Rauls Shares News of the Passing of a Legend to Music Industry Insiders - Poe Kat

Phillip Rauls - Photographer; Four Decade-long Atlantic, STAX Records A&R

This is truly the end of an era.... We are saddened to pass along the news that legendary tipsheet publisher Bobby Poe, whose annual radio and record industry conventions were equally legendary, passed away Saturday, Jan. 22 of complications from a blood clot. He was 77 and had been battling throat cancer for the past two years. Poe's son, Bobby Jr., posted the news on Facebook on Sunday. Poe, a.k.a. "The Poe Kat," is best known and loved as the publisher of his iconic Pop Music Survey, an influential weekly music tipsheet that was sent to Top 40 radio stations and record labels..




Sam Broussard Reviews Steve Conn's New CD Beautiful Dream.


Sam Broussard - Musician/Writer.

There’s a lot of good music out there these days. Powerful sounds burnished by sonic landscapers, singers who can emote at the heights of passion all day, musicians who can play anything and do, and amateur musicians who create mood cathedrals on laptops that sound just tossed off, pulled out of a pocket and dropped into your inner spaces, mixing in with the howling winds of your very own and very unique void.




Diana Olson on Heinali and Matt Finney's Internet Collaboration

Ukrainian composer Heinali and American poet Matt Finney have never met each other in person. Their internet collaboration has produced two acclaimed eps and now they are working on their third album.












"State of the Union" Report 2008-2009

As we come to the end of the third year of the publication of RARWRITER.com, it seems an appropriate time to take stock in what we have and where we are, and to talk about plans for the future.


RARWRITER.com, which began life as a personal website and to date has not been a commercial or advertising-supported venture, has never been heavily promoted outside of a monthly announcement to those on our email distribution list. In February 2009, I posted a YouTube video promoting the February issue, but we have been quiet outside of those bits of outreach. The site has rested almost exclusively on “word of mouth” promotion.

Given this passive stance, the 2008-2009 results have been encouraging, with viewership more or less remaining at mid-2008 levels. RARWRITER.com has viewers in more than 100 countries, with approximately 85 percent coming from the U.S., France, United Kingdom, Canada, China and Germany (in that order).

The plan for the coming year will be to experiment with different forms of promotion and on expanding readership through the development of new offerings.


RARWRITER.com is expanding with the following sites (some already established as of this report):

Music Review – RARWRITER.com has not really been a music review site, with the occasional exception, but we have reviewed enough CDs over the past year that a new section has been created for this purpose. We anticipate growing more “reviewish”.

Cinema RARWRITER.com has begun to dip into indie cinema and will continue that practice, reporting on film projects, producers, directors and actors, etc., outside of the industry mainstream, using the model that has been used regarding the music independents.

Media RARWRITER.com is launching a Media page, in which we will take some critical assessments of the mainstream media.

Additional City Sections Expansion will include pages devoted to the art scenes in Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Miami and Seattle stateside, and others internationally.

Literary Section Presently, RARWRITER.com’s literary page focuses exclusively on the works of yours truly and that is being expanded to include serialization of my novels. I am exploring doing the same with the works of other writers. Ditto the Poetry page, which has been under-utilized but may be opened to other writers.

“High Culture” RARWRITER.com is interested in exploring arts arenas not often visited by new media, including local opera and symphony. We are also interested in expanding our focus on Jazz and Gospel artists.


RARWRITER.com has become a large and ungainly thing, and efforts will be made to archive profiles of artists who are no longer active or who have gone into politics (that’s a joke). The existing Archives page is one of the most popular features on the site and it will continue to exist with updates from previously published Artist News page pieces.


RARWRITER.com has dropped schedules of events, outside of the Bohemians in your Town! section on the Artists News page. Artists listed there are specially noted and that practice will be expanded, resources permitting.

RARWRITER.com needs resources in the form of contributors and many expansion plans will rely on our ability to attract additional “manpower”.

One of the most vexing aspects of the site, for me personally, is the need for a copy editor to catch the grammar and spelling errors that occasionally sneak through. Were such an asset to be gained it would no doubt force a discipline upon us that has not previously existed and we would need to work through a process for managing that. One model might be to establish a virtual team, with editors being sent copy for review prior to publication.

Monetization of RARWRITER.com was not a part of the site’s initial focus, but has become more so over the past three years. The development model has been to first build a sleek machine that attracts viewers, develop a range of products and merchandise, and develop a sponsorship or advertising base.

RARWRITER.com will expand our email distribution list over the next year and form alliances with web-based services to automate delivery of promotional communications. We will also do regular monthly YouTube videos promoting each month’s edition.

* * * * *

Below are selected stats from RARWRITER.com traffic reports over the past year.

MOST REQUESTED PAGE:  1) Artist News homepage is the most requested page, followed by 2) RAR Music (RAR’s page for offering original tunes), 3) Archives, 4) At Large Links page, 5) Austin, Texas Links page, 6) Colorado Links, 7) San Francisco Links, 8) Los Angeles Links, 9) Features Index page, and 10) RAR’s Essay page.

MOST REQUESTED FEATURE:  The feature on L.A. punk rocker Tamra Spivey, which first ran in February, 2008, was the most requested feature over the past 12 months. The features on Martian Acres songwriter Dennis Wanebo was the second most requested over the past year, followed closely by the Johnny Vernazza feature. We have really backed off on features over the past months, due to manpower shortage, and all of these most popular articles are…well, not recent.

PAGES WITH MOMENTUM:  Recently added pages, particularly the Music Review page, have shown strong followings and would be expected to enter the top 10 in next year’s report.


MOST INTENSE READS: Over the past year, the “Hollyweird” page featuring some of L.A.’s more outrageous costume acts has been the page where individual viewers spend the most time. Stats have been skewed by the recent additions (in the past week) of the Cinema and American Idol pages, where people are hanging on three times as long as on the third most intensely read page, but that would seem an anomaly spurred by their “newness”.

REFERRING DOMAINS: Google remains by far the most important search engine for RARWRITER.com, sending the most viewers to the site. TAGOO, a Russian media search engine, is our second biggest referrer, which is intriguing. SEEQPOD, the Emeryville, California media search engine that has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and has been shut down and then restarted as recently as the day of this report, has been the third biggest referrer. SOSO, the Japanese search engine, has been the fourth biggest referrer for RARWRITER.com over the past year. Latin American search engine TARINGA ranks fifth among our referrers. Interesting, to me, that 3 of the top 5 engines are foreign (to the U.S.). My amateur’s guess might be that the American entertainment industry is of interest abroad and RARWRITER.com benefits from that.

CITIES: As was said in last year’s report, reading the "city" stats can be a little confusing as they tend to indicate where server farms, rather than viewers, are located. The top “city”, according to my site analyzer, is an “Unknown” and it accounts for 20 percent of all referrals. Hard to know what to do with that. The West Coast city stats seem under counted, so maybe those are a big part of the mysterious 20 percent.

RARWRITER.com's Top 10 “identifiable” Cities: 1) New York City, New York, 2) Chicago, Illinois, 3) Sunnyvale, California, 4) Mountain View, California, 5) Beijing, China, 6) London, England, 7) Paris, Ile-de-France, France, 8) Orange, Provence-Alpes-Cote D'Azur, France, 9) Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 10) Miami, Florida.

That list fascinates me at least 10 different ways, because we don’t really have much presence in New York, and none at all in Chicago in terms of featuring artists from those places. I am endeavoring to change that. The California cities are understandable, but Beijing, China really fascinates. I noticed a big up-tick in viewership there during the Beijing Olympics and that has really held. RARWRITER.com has some presence in the U.K., but none in France and yet there are draws from Paris and Orange. Why? Don’t know. Maybe it is all the Cajun and Creole music we feature. Toronto supports RARWRITER.com well and we should do better by the Canadians and intend to. But Miami? No presence at all in Miami – it is a city I know all too little about – but somehow we have caught on with some viewers there. And I am interested in exploring that, if we can find a writer.

REGIONS: The RARWRITER Top 10 Region list by number of readers: 1) California, 2) New York, 3) Illinois, 4) Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, France, 5) Arizona, 6) Beijing, China, 7) Texas, 8) England, 9) Virginia, 10) Ontario, Canada.

COUNTRIES: The RARWRITER Top 10 Country list by number of readers: 1) United States, 2) France, 3) China, 4) United Kingdom, 5) Canada, 6) Germany, 7) Netherlands, 8) India, 9) Brazil, 10) Australia.

MOST POPULAR DAY: In last year’s report, Sundays and Tuesdays saw the most traffic to RARWRITER.com, but what explains viewing patterns? Over the last year, viewership of RARWRITER.com has become a steady, 7-day per week thing, with just a slight peak mid-week.

MOST POPULAR HOUR: Here again, there is a shift in viewer patterns that I can only guess at explaining. In last year’s report, 1 p.m. was the most popular hour, and there was this observation: “most RARWRITER readers check the site between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m., but the ‘weird hours’ from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. show remarkably strong and consistent readership through the night, which probably reflects the lifestyles of our readers, i.e., musicians who stay up all hours.”

Over the last year, RARWRITER.com has been visited most between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., with the busiest hours being 10 a.m. to Noon. There are slightly more viewers at 9 p.m. than at 6 a.m., but there isn’t much of a dip through the night. We may be attracting more general interest viewers but the night owls are still with us too.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support of RARWRITER.com.


Marin Headlands - Fall 1984


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